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Principal's Desk

Success is a vehicle that moves on the wheels of Hard work and the journey is impossible without the fuel of self-confidence. An earnest look into the annals of Desh Bhagat College fills us with exultant enthusiasm. Right from the beginning of the college in 1982, the sincerest and noble efforts of the founding personalities, management, principals, members of staff and students have brought the institution it its splendid level. Our college, one of the best of its kind with the spirit of its motto “Mitti Dhundh Jag Chanan Hoya” which means “The mist cleared and the light scattered all around” and core values (Belief in God, Love for others, obedience, optimism) soars up into the ever widening thought and action. Our students in UG and PG courses is blessed with sufficient infrastructure facilities and self-less service from teachers as well as non-teaching members of the staff. In the realm of learning they enjoy an excellent ambience here.

We provide the students the experience of life, skills, social values, knowledge and holistic personality development with the proximity of faculty members. Talent are honed through and amalgam of classroom learning as well as sports, NCC, NSS, cultural and other allied activities. This approach of grooming their personality is the cornerstone of education imparted in our college.

We welcome all aspiring young minds to join this enthusiastic family of Desh Bhagat College in pursuing knowledge to serve the world at large.

My best wishes to the new students entering our college.