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Research Committee

Desh Bhagat College has a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) that promotes and supports research in the College. The institution provides a congenial environment to encourage research activities. The Institute has a Research and information Center to provide an access to the online repository of the online research material. It supports the faculty and also the students to undertake the research in their respective fields. They are initiated into research by organizing various conferences, seminars, workshops, minor projects etc.


  • 01To motive faculty members to pursue Ph.D. and Post- Doctoral Research.
  • 02To encourage the faculty to write and submit research proposal to internal and external funding agencies.
  • 03To build and promote culture of research among the faculty and students.
  • 04To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  • 05To facilitate the provision of professional guidance, technical support and recommendation for financial assistance.
  • 06To identify and inform researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry or government organizations.
  • 07To encourage and facilitate the publication of the research works in reputed academic International/ National journals and also to facilitate the presentation of the research work through academic events such as workshops/ seminars/ conferences.
  • 08To identify and establish linkage including MOUs for long term relationship with research organizations for widening the scope of research opportunities available to the teachers and students of the college.

Research Facilities

To promote and excel research in the college, the RAC shall recommend the allocation of research fund under the following categories-

  • 01To support faculty members for attending conference/ seminar/ workshop.
  • 02To promote research oriented atmosphere to the faculty members.
  • 03To establish centralized research facility.